Subordinate sections for undergraduate education

1) Teaching Affairs Section

  • This section is responsible for:
  • Arrangement of undergraduate courses at the whole university
  • Arrangement of mid-term and final examinations; organization of students for CET 4 and CET 6
  • Arrangement of classrooms and management of classroom borrowing
  • Management of course selection and grades
  • Collection of statistics of the work load of teachers
  • Editing teaching calendars.
  • Documentation and management of files related to teaching affairs
  • Management of examinations, organization and management of makeup examinations and reexaminations;

Members of this section include:

Zhu Tianyun,52090226

Jiang Hua, 52090226

Xue Xingyu,52090226

Sun Xing,52090218

Li Qunhui,

Huang Bulu52090218