Assessment Criteria and Methods for ¡°Chancellor¡¯s Scholarship¡±

 The Chancellor¡¯s scholarship is established to award those outstanding students who are developed all-around in morality, intelligence, physiques, aesthetic beauty and labor. It is aimed to promote a fine attributes that is featured as hard-working, entrepreneurial spirit and developing all-around, so as to serve for the socialist modernization cause.

¢ñ. Applicants¡¯eligibility

1.For undergraduate students (not include the freshmen), who adhere to the Communist Party¡¯s basic policy, and abide by school regulations

2.The candidates should be awarded the honor ¡°Triple A Students¡± or above.

3.The sophomore candidates should pass the school English testband three. The junior one should pass the school English test band four. The senior one should pass the College English Test Band Four.

4.Grade-point average (GPA) must be above 3.5 (including 3.5).

5.The candidates have to win the school-level competitions or above, or perform well in social service.

 ¢ò. Assessment methods

  • Undergraduate students are assessed according to their grade. Eligible students will be sorted in descending order based on their average academic score.
  • Awards winners will cover 1% of the total students. The number of award winners will be determined by the proportion and decimals will be rounded off.
  • Every winner will be awarded CNR, 5000 every year.
  • Along with the assessment of ¡°TripleA students Award¡± and ¡°Outstanding Student Leaders Award¡±, the eligible students should apply the award first, then the colleges or schools she or he belongs to do the recommendation. Then the Office of Academic Affairs will post the candidate names for suggestions or objections. Finally, the university work leader group will decide the winner name list. The winners will be granted the funds soon and the honor in the next anniversary.
  • If the candidates win the Chancellor¡¯s Scholarship and the Course Scholarship at the same time, then the course scholarship will only retain the honor with no money.

Assessment Criteria and Methods for ¡°Course Scholarship¡±

(2011£¬Pilot Edition)

The scholarship is launchedto encourage the students to have a good master of the preliminary knowledge ofthe key disciplinary theoretical courses, and to exercise their personalities well.

¢ñ. Applicants¡¯eligibility

  • The candidates must be a registered undergraduate who is enrolled within the plan of the national general institutes of higher education.
  • The candidates must have no record on disciplinary treatment in last semester.

¢ò. Funds availability

  • Course Scholarship covers four courses every semester with CNR, 500 for each one course.

¢ò. Enforcement regulations

  • The course scholarship is available for the sophomores, the junior and senior students (not include the freshmen).
  • The winners should be the current semester learners who rank the top 5 percent of the total.
  • The students can have more than one course scholarship at the same time.
  • The detail assessment proceedings are as follows:

Firstly, in June, the list on disciplinary treatment will come out;

Then, at the first week of the short semester, every course score will be published for online consultation.

And then, at the second week of the short semester, each college or school will do the review and report the result to the office of academic affairs, where the name list will be checked and then issued.

  • On condition that a student violate the school regulations, he should be cancelled the select qualifications.

¢ò. Course under the scholarship

  • The courses under the scholarship should be those public elementary courses, disciplinary element courses and disciplinary orientation courses which have a vital role on exercising the undergraduates¡¯ knowledge structure, capability and personal attributes.
  • For the first or second year, it may be Mathematics, College Physics and Foreign languages (details are availableCredit Calculation Management), computer, etc.
  • For the junior and senior grade, it may be the category elemental courses which are prescribed in Education Program. It is elected by every college and decided by the office of academic affairs.

The Office of Academic Affairs is authorized to interpret the regulation above.