The Regulations for Undergraduate Students of Southeast University

Section 1 Enrollment and Registration

Item 1: The freshmen enrolled according to the country¡¯s enrollment regulations should register and follow the entrance transaction procedures with the admission paper and the other prescribed documents within the prescribed date. The students who are not able to enroll on time should ask for leave in their college or department office. If the reason is illness a proof should be given by the hospital above the first rank of the second grade. Usually the time for leave should not accede one month. Student not registered on time and without asking for leave or exceed the time, not including the justified reason such as delayed by force majeure, is regarded as giving up the qualification of entrance and not allowed to follow the entrance transaction procedure.

Item 2: Those freshmen, who have illnesses diagnosed by the school-appointed hospital above the first rank of the second grade, can reserve their qualifications for entrance for a year. Those who have their qualifications reserved don¡¯t have student profiles, and enjoy no rights as the registered students. In this period, the illnesses of those students should be treated out of school. After the recovery, they can apply to the entrance. After diagnosed by the school hospital or the hospital appointed by the school as meeting the health requirement, and after reexamined by the school, they can follow the entrance transaction procedure again and study with the student of the next year. Those who fail the reexamination or those who exceed the time of the transaction would have their qualification for entrance cancelled.

Item 3: Within 3 months after registration, the school will reexamine the freshmen according to the nation¡¯s enrollment regulations. Students who pass the reexamination are registered and get their student profiles. To those who fail the reexamination, the decision is reserved by the school according to different situations, the severest of which is to cancel the qualification of entrance. Students who get the students profile by cheating and immoral manners, once verified, will lose their qualification to entrance or their student profiles. If the situation is severe, their case would be sent to the relevant offices.

Item 4: In the opening days of every semester, the students should register according to the school¡¯s regulations. Those who cannot register on time should follow the procedure of postponing the registration. Those who cannot meet the requirements of registration such as not paying the tuition fee cannot be registered.

Students who need help economically can apply for loans and other funds, and can register after going through relevant transaction procedures.


Item 5: Regulations for registration

(1) Students at the registry should have their student card, registry card stamped by the registry officers as the proof of registration. If not, their cards are invalid.

(2) Students who cannot register on time should ask for leave beforehand (must proved by the hospital above the first rank of the second grade), and inform the time span for leaving. The timing begins from the day of registration and cannot exceed one month. Those who want to prolong their time for leave due to illnesses should follow the transaction procedures with proof from the qualified hospital. Those who cheat would be punished severely.

(3)Without students' asking for leaving and without following prolong procedures, the courses unattended are regarded as skipped. Those who don¡¯t register until the third week are considered as giving up the enrollment.

(4) Students who have lost their student card, register card can register after the permission of their colleges or departments, and will go through reexamination procedures later.