Major and Minor Study

Regulations on Major study and Minor study

Item 1: Those who are quick learner and have a good performance in their own major study, and those who have a special interest in or are proved exceptional promising in a certain field, can apply to have a minor study, on condition that they should finish the prerequisite courses study for their major. The department or the college to which the minor belongs assess and approve the applierĄŻs qualification in accordance with their own condition and the appliersĄŻ performance. The particular majors will have the entrance exams.

Item 2: The students who have applied a minor study should get course credits needed by both the major and minor education programs within the prescribed time duration. Those who can satisfy this condition will be recognized a minor degree and grant a certificate which will be recorded in their personal school file and serve as a proof in job hunting.

Item 3: The education programs of the minor study are formulated by the department or the college, to which the minors belong. The programs need to be signed by the Dean of teaching and approved by the university authorities.

Item 4: If the same course exists in both the major and minor programs, the one with more credit hours could replace the other with less credit hours. This would be recognized on condition that the directors of the course and the department approved. The number of the replaced course shall not exceed half of the total minor credits.

Item 5: Those who have to terminate the minor study, due to some reasons, and fail to get the related certificate, can replace the similar general education courses with the achieved minor credits.

Item 6: The minor courses are usually set at weekends and holidays. If time permits, the students can also attend the class with the major students in the normal terms. The students should select online the courses within the allotted time and attend the class on the basis of minor course timetable.

Item 7: The scores and credits the students get from the minors are registered by the course directors online. Before graduation, the department which the students are in will check it with the department to which the minors belong. The Office of Academic

Affairs will put on record once the two department deans of teaching sign and approve.

Item 8: If the minor courses flunk, they could be retaken in the next semester.

The Office of Academic Affairs is authorized to interpret these regulations.

Tips: The regulations are available in Chinese and English. You may download from the website of Office of Academic Affairs when needed. If there is any difference from the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

The regulations are subject to adjustment, please pay attention to the notice on the website.