Exams and Evaluation

There are four or five courses final exams the students should take at the end of every long term (except for graduation design). The exams, which usually last 2-3 hours, takes on various ways such asclosed-book exam, open-book exam, partly open-book exam, oral exam or papers. When giving the final scores, the teachers should take into consider the attendance, the ordinary performance in experiments and the other practical trainings, above all, the competence in innovation. The scores are converted to the GPA by reference to the form mentioned above.

The comprehensive evaluation includes open-book exam, oral comprehensive exercise, integrated design, experiment assessment, paper, etc. It is usually carried on the week when the courses finished.

Those students who skip classes amounted to 1/3 of the total course hours, or be absent 3 times during random inspection, or fail to hand in assignments (experiments report inclusive) up to 3times, would not be eligible to sit the exams. They would be recorded ˇ°failˇ± for the course, and be supposed to retake the class.

Those courses which are finished in more than one semester need to be tested and evaluated and converted to credits or GPAs in the respective semester.

The credits or GPA earned by a student will be released once in every semester. Those who would transfer to the lower grade, or would quit the school (with GPA<2.0) will be early warned.